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Efficiency is key in any business but especially in a small business setting. Small business owners are constantly trying to find ways to increase their production without incurring in a lot of cost to do it. Luckily, these owners don’t need to look any further than Google. Google offers lots of great business tools to the public, all free of charge. Savvy small businesses can easily use these to scale and increase profits at no cost to them. Here are five (5) Google Apps that every small business should be using to be successful and make life a whole lot easier:

Call Forward
Fax to Email
Voice Email



For one low monthly rate, Sway Power Consulting Voice over IP (VoIP) delivers unlimited local and long distance, refined voice clarity, and an enterprise feature set. But what’s more, we help you conserve your valuable IT resources by managing your phone system for you. This frees up your IT department to focus on tasks relevant to furthering the goals of your business.

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With Sway Power Consulting VoIP, there’s no big-ticket hardware. Your call switching is handled by us from remote over your existing Internet connection, with your phones plugging directly into your data network to receive dial tone. Having your PBX “in the cloud” like this eliminates that budget-crushing upfront capital expense you have come to expect with a traditional PBX.


A big part of any IT purchasing decision comes down to what it’s going to cost you. The good news is that the days of dropping tens of thousands of dollars on a PBX call switch box are over. There’s a better way, and that way is hosted Voice over IP (VoIP)

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