Digital Marketing

With the evolution of communication and the influence of the internet, digital marketing has become essential for companies to conquer their space in the market.

Consumers are now needing and seeking references for their jobs through websites and social networks, meaning who is not in the virtual environment can be easily forgotten or worse, never found.

Thus, with the aim of innovating and providing solutions to the needs of our clients we offer content creation and management of social networks. Our role is to offer creative and innovative ideas and solutions. Highlighting your brand in the market, perfecting
communication with your customers and creating a true virtual showcase.

what can we do for you?

Brand project

Social Media

In social networks, companies show what their business idea is and what line they want to follow. All of this makes customers understand companies better and can empathize more with them.

The 3 main goals of social networks

Web design

Having a website guarantees you to have a digital showcase of your products, expanding your reach to other cities; even to other countries, since your potential customers will be able to see the products, prices and characteristics through your website, without having to be present in you business.

The objectives of a web page


creation, Optimization and continuous performance reviews

If you’re not promoting your brand on today’s most popular digital channels, you are losing sales to your competitors. Our multi-channel advertising program will help you win back those sales by posting engaging ads for your brand in search networks, social networks, display and more.

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We are here to help! At Sway, there is a tecnology solution for everyone. We have a team of designers that are standing by to createyour perfect system and answer my questions you may have. No matter how big or small, SWAy is ready to stremline and en your home or busines.